All Treats & No Tricks: Halloween Fashion

Halloween Fashion on Etsy

There are some Halloween icons that are perfectly acceptable to wear all year long. I, for one, am a big fan of black cat printed everything, and I have a spider-loving kid who would be equally pleased to wear spider pants with a cheetah shirt and a unicorn horn every day of her life. These Etsy Halloween fashion finds are great for Halloween, of course, but you can easily work them into your everyday closet, too!


Cultivating Gratitude in Kids

Gratitude Activities for Kids

I’ve been thinking about how to introduce gratitude activities for kids. It seems like the perfect starting point to balance entitlement and privilege, and ideally, we can go from here and continue to cultivate gratitude as a family, more frequently. Grownups can look around and understand what they have versus what others do not, but I think it’s harder for kids, especially to do in an age appropriate way. Here are a few ways to dive deeper.