A’s Starry Nursery

I had to seriously scramble to get this nursery as together as I did, and it still isn’t quite done but it’s close — mostly, we need to do a bit of touch up paint on the walls, get M to paint the canvas over A’s dresser, wash the cloth diapers and bring up that bin, and do some drawer organization. So far, though, we’re just using this room as a hangout spot at night, so I’m content with it not being 100 per cent done (and am impressed and how done it got given that I was hanging stuff on the walls days before we left for Winnipeg!).

You may remember my inspiration was a rainbow, gold and black starry theme — nothing super matchy, but a bit bolder and brighter than the room was when it was M’s. I think I came fairly close to my goal, which I’m happy about because I was really just collecting different pieces for several months and hoping they’d work together when it was go time.




The weird awkward nooks and their plywood floors remain. The plan is to refinish the floors this spring, and maybe I’ll find a better solution to fill that space once it’s done. For now they’re holding various baby things — a car seat, the fold up swing — and different configurations of storage items like the Ikea cart and a starry bin from H&M.



The gallery wall is sweet, and can be expanded. I especially love the “Courage, dear heart” block.




Check out those sheets! I have a few more star-themed ones, but these are my favourite. They’re not the softest, though, so when A starts sleeping in there, especially without a swaddle or sleep sack, I’ll probably switch to the softer muslin sheets I have in a drawer.

I like how it turned out; it feels really airy and clean (for now — until he starts getting eight thousand toys like M) and it’s been a comfortable place to hang out when we’re up at all hours of the night.


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