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Opportunities include sidebar advertisements, sponsored posts, product reviews, and giveaways. I reserve the right to determine which relationships to pursue, and will not provide copy to be pre-approved, as I’d like to keep my posts as unbiased as possible. I’m particularly interested in working with Canadian partners, but I’m open to anything that works nicely with Northern Exposure’s focus.

Areas of particular interest: baby/childrens’ products, clothing and services, home renovation, home decor, fashion, beauty, cooking/food, gardening, travel, and of course, Canadian companies, products and services!

Please email me to inquire about advertising!

Blog Highlights

  • Blog updated Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • ~10,000 monthly pageviews/~9,000 monthly unique visits
  • Majority of readers are female, ages 25-34 (with the 18-25 and 35-44 demographic well-represented)
  • Strong social media following (Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)

Available for hire

I am also available for freelance opportunities. I’m a skilled writer (it’s my day job and my hobby!) with a strong grasp on grammar and style. I’m an experienced editor and proofreader, and am happy to lend my voice to outside publications.

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