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About me

Northern Exposure is a Canadian lifestyle/personal blog, featuring a wide variety of topics from motherhood to home improvement.

Hi! I’m Shayla. I’m in my mid-twenties, married, and living in Northwestern Ontario. I like photography, writing, reading, good food, and window shopping. I’m also a mom — my daughter (known on the blog as ‘M’) was born in November 2013 and another little one is expected to join us in December 2016. I’m an Eastern Ontario transplant, and quickly becoming one of those people who moved up north for a year but never left. My temporary plans became a bit more permanent, after meeting my husband Matt in 2009, marrying him in 2012, buying our first house in summer 2013, and having our daughter shortly thereafter.

We have a pretty happy little life here, but I’m always seeking to have more fun, make more memories, and uncover and share the beauty in our day-to-day experiences. While this blog primarily began as a way to keep my far-flung friends and family in the loop, it has become my way of memory-keeping, storytelling, and highlighting our life in the North.

The first time I went back to southern Ontario after being up here for a year or so, I realized nearly everyone who doesn’t live in the middle of the wilderness really has no idea why any sane person would actually choose to do so. Part of this blog is a journal of how we spend our days, from the really cold, dark winter mornings, to the long, relaxing (buggy) summer nights.

Within these pages you’ll find a bit of everything — fashion (for both me and the little ones), a lot about parenting as I figure out what the heck I’m doing with kids, plenty of chocolate bars, and adventures and misadventures in the kitchen. And speaking of kitchens, we are in a constant state of upgrading our radar-base-era house, home of the world’s ugliest bathroom and world’s ugliest kitchen.

Come on in, explore a bit, and feel free to comment or email with any feedback or questions!