[wahyld-woo d]
1. a wood growing in the wild or natural state; forest.

Crunching leaves underfoot as you venture down a well-trodden path. Dipping a toe into the lake to test the waters before splashing in chest deep. Exploring the known and the unknown alike. Filling your plate with delicious food. Creating something with your hands. Going to bed early. Staying up late. Doing whatever it is that makes you happy. Above all else — seeking wonder, in the moments large and small.

Hello! I’m Shayla. I’ve been at this blogging thing for a long time — since I was an awkward pre-teen and we didn’t call it blogging. I’m very grateful that the internet didn’t really exist in the capacity that it does now, then.

I’ve grown up alongside the internet, and have always had a fascination with using it to log my life in some capacity. My father still has journals with my childhood fast food orders hastily written in the margins, so I’m fairly certain that obsessive omphaloskepsis runs deep in my DNA.

Since becoming a mother in November 2013 my desire to write down everything has grown about as quickly as my ability to actually do so has dwindled. It has been an intense several years, and I am now finding myself reaching for written word again — and with that desire, I’m also finding myself seeking simplicity, comfort, joy, and wonder. Wonder for me; wonder for my kids — the wonder of exploration, of a peaceful space, of a new experience, or that warm feeling of wonder when you just know that everything is going to be okay.

I’ve been overhauling my life in many spheres in pursuit of wonder. While life is always a work in progress, and while I have been feeling like I’m chasing after something that I can’t quite grasp ever since  I quit the DINK lifestyle, I feel like I’m getting close. Self-improvement, reflection, home sweet home, my family: they are all part of this wildwood wonder that is taking shape.

In these pages you’ll see all of that. You’ll see years worth of writing, even from before this journey. Some of it will hopefully be interesting to you. Some of it is likely as thrilling as fast food orders scribbled in the margins, but I suppose that part’s for me. I hope you find some spark of wonder, here. Thank you for being here with me. <3