A Rainbow Christmas Tree

One of the things I mull over every year is the colour scheme for our Christmas tree. Ever since we bought our house and started getting farmed trees instead of hacking one down in the bush, I’ve enjoyed creating something ridiculously colour-coordinated and Martha Stewart-y. You can see how our trees have evolved since our first one in 2012 (top left) to the crazy newborn adventure in 2013 (top right) to the pink theme in 2014 (bottom left) and last year’s reprisal of pink, with some blue/teal and black for an accidental Frozen theme (bottom right).

Christmas Trees

So this year I was experiencing my usual Christmas ornament shopping delight, standing in the aisles at Canadian Tire, swooning over the gorgeous rose gold and copper decorations. I know it’s kind of crazy to buy new ornaments every year but I can’t resist. What I didn’t factor in, though, was the opinions of a soon to be three year old. I showed her the rose gold beauties and asked if we could do the tree in that colour this year, and she said yes, much to my delight. And then she added, “… and green! And orange! And red! And blue! And purple!”


Okay. So we looked at the display trees in the store — a purple and gold one, a dark navy and silver one, traditional red and green, and the mixed metallics and copper look of my Christmas dreams.



And the rainbow coloured tree. M liked the rainbow coloured tree. So I put the rose gold ornaments back to make room for the rainbow glitter-spackled reindeer she wanted, then the rainbow glitter-spackled bottle brush tree “for my aminals” and then the glittery green stegosaurus ornament, and the orange and blue and pink and yellow ribbon stuffed acrylic balls, and the pink knitted elephant. She left a literal trail of glitter through the store.

think we have ornaments in every colour built up over the last four years so I don’t actually need to buy anything (except a new tree skirt, I realized as I read last year’s blog about our tree). Part of me is hoping I can corral the rainbow into a fun ombre style, if M will partake, because I think they look really neat:


[Lines Across]

But if not, whatever — M is delighted just to decorate and I know it’s going to be another busy holiday with a new baby on board. We’ll see how it ends up!

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