A Prime Rib Thanksgiving Feast

Matt decided that this is the year he’d come out as a full-fledged turkey hater. Dude will eat turkey on sandwiches and in soup and the like, if he must, but he’s very sick of big turkey dinners. Thanksgiving snuck up on us and we knew we’d have a small crowd (just the three of us!) so making a huge turkey feast wasn’t exactly logical, anyway.

I suggested a few things — ham, a roast chicken — and we landed on a prime rib roast. I’ve never made prime rib before, and expected we’d only find something small pre-cut in our grocery store without ordering ahead. I was right about that, but at least we found something! I stuck to a traditional-ish menu, with a few tweaks. It came together fairly quickly, except for dessert, but it was still a lot of cooking and I’m glad there were only three people to serve.

Thanksgiving Prime Rib (1)

I roughly followed this recipe for the prime rib, except our roast was small — just one rib! — and I used basil instead of rosemary because it’s what we had. I was anxious about getting the temperature right, and ended up pulling it when one side of the roast was reading at 120˚F and the other at 130˚F. It turned out perfectly, according to Matt, but we like rare meat.

Thanksgiving Prime Rib (3)

The potatoes were this recipe — brown butter mashed potatoes! I’m not sure the brown butter really adds a lot, and we ended up doing gravy with it anyway, but the base potato recipe is really good. I used cayenne instead of horseradish sauce.

The carrots were a family favourite, Bittman’s recipe for quick-glazed carrots (we did the balsamic variation). M said they looked like “little poops” which was delightful, but I assure you they didn’t taste like that.

Yorkshire puddings came from this recipe which worked nearly perfectly — I’d recommend making sure the melted butter goes ALL THE WAY around the tin, though, because ours got stuck on the sides. I also took them out earlier than the timer, but our oven was running pretty hot at that point!

Thanksgiving Prime Rib (2)

As for dessert, Matt requested sweet potato pie, and I wanted classic apple. My apple pies are really just made up on the fly every year, but I followed this recipe for the sweet potato pie, successfully.

Now that I know how easy prime rib is, I’d be willing to cook it again, although it’s expensive enough that it’s certainly not an everyday meal. Still way better than turkey, though, and M was delighted with it (“I love cow!”).

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