A is One

A year. A year! How has it been a year? This boy who once fit into the crook of my arm, squishy face folded into his soft and warm body, hands clenched tight and eyes shut against the onslaught of the world… he stands, he claps, he smiles and laughs a laugh that is bigger than his body. It breaks my heart and thrills me all at once.


The biggest change: we have one new tooth, not a moral (I don’t think) but one of the upper teeth beside it. It took forever to come through and is just starting to look like an actual tooth now.


M has taken to calling him Mr. Cuckoo Face. She saw a photo of a baby on my phone and inquired, “Is that Cuckoo Face?” so I think it stuck. Her in utero nickname for him was Dump so I guess Cuckoo Face is better.


He is a happy boy, unless he’s tired. When he’s tired, but interested in what’s going on around him (like in the nursery at playgroup) he tries hard to keep engaged and cheerful but the slightest things make him wail. And lately he has been displaying true hangry behaviour — it’s easy to tell when he is hungry, which he must get from his mama. The one other big stressor for him is having something taken away from him or out of his hands, whether it’s something he shouldn’t have or not. He throws himself to the ground and shrieks, which makes me nervous for future tantrums!


His skills have exploded in many ways this month! He stands without holding onto things now, but has to be tricked into it a bit — we clap our hands and he claps back. He has started imitating some noises, faces, and movements, and thinks that sticking out his tongue while saying aaaaaaah is hilarious. He took a few shuffling steps without realizing but has yet to really walk. He says yay, Dada, Mama, Poppa, a rudimentary version of M’s name, his own renditions of water and banana, and said ‘kitty’ one time. I’m sure he’s saying other things that we don’t quite understand yet.


He still seems to love most foods, though he recently repeatedly spat out pieces of curried chicken pot pie. He particularly loves fruit of all types, dates, and yogurt. In terms of nursing he is still at it fairly frequently, night and day, and shows no signs of disinterest (which will be fine to manage, because I’m staying home still!). He also has a new affinity for water, but he’s not that interested in cow’s milk.


Getting a tiny, tiny bit better now that that tooth is through. He’s up two to three times at night, and naps are spotty.


Nothing new! He still hates boots and socks. Most of the time he’s just in a diaper until I have to leave the house because he’s so wiggly to get dressed, and he is still a super messy eater.


Pushing things around the house, clapping, happening upon a cat at his level, pulling apart paper, laundry, and wipes, music.

Doesn’t Love:

Getting dressed, getting cleaned, anyone other than me arriving in his room when he’s crying at night, having things taken away from him, having to share with M.

Things to Remember:

A fun pre-birthday visit with his Poppa, meeting Santa for the first time (no tears!), the hilarity of him shoving various objects around the house in circles, the morning he woke up cheerful and played in his crib alone until we got him, for the first time ever.

Mom and Dad:

I am officially self-employed which feels like entering into new territory as a parent! I’m nervous but hopeful that it will work out. And I never did find childcare for A, so I don’t know what the heck I would be trying to pull off right now if I had gone back to my old job. We’ve been having fun with A, and M, and that’s what I’m trying to keep in my sights through the holidays.

Looking Forward To:

More Christmas fun! A loves the tree, and pulling on ribbons on gifts. And of course, all of the big changes that will be coming for him now that he’s a year old and out of babyhood proper — walking, talking, and more of that sweet personality developing.

Dear A,

What a year it has been with you. I can hardly remember what it was like before you — it seems so distant and foreign and strange to consider our three-person family. You have fit in so perfectly that it feels like a different lifetime when you weren’t here. I’m glad you came to be with us. 

You love us as much as we love you, as far as I can tell. You delight in spending time with your sister (even when you two struggle with sharing and getting along, thanks to being two stubborn personalities together!). You love when your dad comes home, and most of the time when I open your door to retrieve you after a nap, you’re beaming at me. 

We think you might be a musician when you grow up. You can’t help but dance and wiggle to any melody or beat you hear, and instruments are one of your favourite things. I always find you perched by your dad’s guitar, strumming the strings and looking around to make sure we heard you.

Whatever you are going to be, I know that you are going to be great at it, if you keep true to your sweet, strong, vibrant self. I’m so happy I get to see it unfold.

Happy first birthday, baby.

Love always,



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