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A Handmade Little Christmas: All the Eats

By Posted on 4 0

I did a lot of baking this month. Remaking old recipes was easy, but I took on a few new ones, too, which had mixed results. In the end I pulled it all together and came up with a good spread of holiday treats, so I thought I’d share my recipes! Click the headers to get to each recipe’s page.

Plastic-wrapped because I was bringing them in for co-workers, but still tasty.

Rum Balls

These turned into whiskey/maple liqueur/bourbon balls in our houeshold, because we didn’t have rum. Matt suggested using maple liqueur, which didn’t taste boozy enough for him, so then I added whiskey, which still wasn’t enough for his taste buds, resulting in me pouring in the tail end of an Old Crow bottle. All that liquid made the whole batch soupy, so then I had to improvise a way to solidify the mixture. A cup or so of shredded coconut, some graham crumbs, and chocolate sprinkles did the trick. I rolled them in cocoa powder and icing sugar.

Oreo Truffles

These are easy! The most annoying part is the chocolate dipping. I made a second batch with Golden Oreos and toasted coconut, too.

Whiskey, Caramel, Marshmallow Bacon bark

This is as ridiculous as it sounds. Reading the reviews and comments I was positive it wouldn’t turn out, but I actually got each part of the combination right. My failure was neglecting to read what size the bark was supposed to be — I attempted to spread what should have been an 8×8 bark across an entire cookie sheet. There was not enough marshmallow or caramel to go around, so I had to chop what I had already solidified in half, stick it on top of itself, and enrobe the whole thing in chocolate. Still good, but more chocolatey than originally intended.

Gingerbread Butterscotch cookies

These are a crowd favourite, which is funny because I screwed them up in a way that means I will never be able to make them the same way again. When I mixed them, I forgot to add sugar and baked a dozen before realizing there was something very wrong about the recipe. Then, not thinking, I dumped in the full amount of sugar, even though I had a dozen cookies’ worth of batter in the garbage. It wouldn’t come together, so Matt added an egg. They turned out really chewy and delicious, but it was a total accident.

Coconut macaroons

This is relatively foolproof and I’ve made them before — easy! They freeze a bit weird (the texture seems to have changed a bit) but they’re awesome nonetheless. I drizzle chocolate over them rather than dip.

Peanut Butter Bars

When I first made these, the chocolate and peanut butter layers split as I was trying to cut them. You have to get the temperature right to make them stick together — since freezing them and bringing them back to room temp, they’re stuck together just fine.

Red Velvet Crinkle cookies

These ones seem to be a bit less popular, because nobody knows what they are (and they look kinda funny — mine turned into a dusty rose sort of colour which is odd for a cookie). They taste awesome, though! I used a cupcake mix instead of cake mix so I suspect mine are cakier than intended.

Whipped Shortbread cookies

I used a different recipe the first time and they all melted in the oven. 🙁 This one was a lot more successful, though I still had a tiny bit of meltage around the edges. They taste just like I had hoped, and they freeze amazingly, so they’re an A+ in my book regardless.

Peanut Butter M&M cookies

This is my usual awesome peanut butter cookie recipe, with holiday M&Ms in place of chocolate chips. Easy, done before, freezes well — it’s going on my list for next year, if I bake.

Peppermint Bark

There’s no link for this because I made it up on the fly. 🙂 I melted enough semisweet chocolate to cover a small parchment-lined cookie sheet, then melted a small bag of white Chipits. I added a tiny bit of peppermint extract to the white chocolate, which thankfully didn’t seize up, then dropped it on top of the still melted, poured out semisweet chocolate on the sheet. I used a fork to swirl it around, then tossed on some leftover crushed candy canes and holiday M&Ms.

4 Responses
  • Catherine
    December 20, 2012

    I have to try some of these recipes! Red velvet is really popular down here, so those would go fast. 🙂

    • Shayla
      December 21, 2012

      They’re really minty and crunchy — I like them!

  • gypsyinjasper
    December 20, 2012

    My gosh, woman. You’re a machine. What a list of deliciousness. That bacon bark thing sounds intriguing. I might have to give it a go.

    Tomorrow I’m posting a project I found through a link on your blog for things to do with old Christmas cards! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Shayla
      December 21, 2012

      🙂 Cool! And you should definitely try the bacon bark — the caramel is a bit of a challenge and the marshmallow is tricky but if it all comes together it tastes really good.

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