A at Two Months


That, I don’t know — his next appointment is tomorrow! He was in the 50th percentile at his last visit so if that holds true he should be somewhere around at least 11 lbs. He has definitely gained, I’m just not sure exactly how much.


Mister A, Banana, and all of the usual ‘little guy’ and ‘dude’ and ‘baby brother’ things. We aren’t a big nickname family, still.


I commented to Matt earlier this weekend that A is like a cat — when he deigns to smile at you, it’s all his choice, and you’re gonna have to work for it. He’s smiley, but you seriously have to commit to getting it out of him and even then, with the goofiest faces and the squeakiest of voices and feeling like a total dancing monkey he still may not eke one out… until you give up and he decides to grin. He’s a serious baby.


He’s doing a good job of supporting his head and his weight. If you hold his hands he’ll sit up, and Matt had him balanced on his own a few times. He’s starting to reach out for toys and grasp things in his hands.


We’ve had a few stretches of longer sleep but most recently he is back to waking up every hour to two hours at night, and taking longer to put down for naps and at night. I suspect we’re into another growth spurt which may explain it, but lord knows baby sleep makes no sense at all.


I successfully managed an oversupply/lactose overload issue and now his diapers are normal, at least. He is still a snacky eater and wants to nurse quite frequently. It’s all part of that fourth trimester concept so it’s fully normal, I know. We’re not attempting to schedule it out or space it out — I’m just letting him nurse when he wants to.


Firmly out of newborn clothes. That was a sad day. Some of his 0-3 month sleepers are actually almost too short now! He is a big boy. We’re wearing more real clothes than sleepers now.


When people talk to him, milk, being snuggled up in something warm. He has a tenuous love-hate relationship with the Ikea baby gym to which M had a similar reaction as a baby.

Doesn’t Love:

Baths, not being immediately picked up out of the cradle, swaddles.

Things to Remember:

We finally made it out to baby playgroup! His first smiles took me by surprise and were such a delight. Walking out to Cedar Bay all snuggled up in a carrier. His intense baby looks.

Mom and Dad:

Sleep deprivation feels normal now. Some days we wake up feeling groggy and awful but it’s more of a well-oiled machine now, in general. Last weekend we even managed to pull off a double nap and were able to sit and talk as adults!

Looking Forward To:

More adventures, now that we have the Thule stroller. More interactivity, more smiles (maybe?), the next little stage of babyhood.

Dear A,

I was thinking, last night, that we’re already at the point where it feels like you’ve always been here. I was trying to reflect back to even the last few days before you arrived, in the hotel in Winnipeg with M, our last bit of time as a family of three — and it feels like it was a different life. You are part of our family, woven right into the fabric of who we are.

I love seeing the wonder in your eyes. You are so serious, and regard everything intensely, turning it over in your mind before reacting. You strike me as an old soul for some reason — a wise being in the body of a baby. Now more than ever that wisdom will serve you well. Take that wonder with you through the rest of your life. 

Our days are more chaotic, more exhausting, filled with you and your sister and all that you are. I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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