A at Three Months

So A’s “month birthday” is the 30th of every month… which doesn’t work for February. So let’s say he’s three months old-ish, now!


At his appointment on Monday, he weighed in at 14 lbs. 2 oz, and 24.4 inches long. He’s on his growth curve perfectly, around the 50th percentile for both weight and length. For some reason he LOOKS huge but he’s as average as average can get!


Buddy, “Doot” (that’s all me)


Totally random depending on what mood he’s in, time of day, whether the sun is aligned with the stars… he’s unpredictable, basically. When he’s mad, he’s really really mad, and very loud (Matt says he’s got the loudest voice of any child or adult he’s ever met). When he wants to grin he’s got huge smiles for anyone and everyone. He very much wants to be a part of what is going on around him, and is thrilled when his big sister is around.


We went through one of the Wonder Week leaps recently, and after that, he’s been able to pick things up and bring them to his mouth. He likes to try to bear weight standing up supported. He recently discovered his voice and makes short little bursts of noise.


He slept through the night a few times! Now he’s back to waking up once or twice, but it’s better than every few hours. During the day he will nap, but it’s hard to get him to sleep on anything but a person, still. We have yet to use his crib.


So far so good. There have been no real issues to speak of, which is a welcome relief. Hilariously, he gets really intense when we eat near him — he seems to be quite interested in what we’re doing, which comes out in total baby side-eye.


He grew out of 0-3 month clothing overnight, I swear. One day his clothes fit, the next, they didn’t. He’s firmly in 3-6 month clothing now and even some of those onesies seem like they aren’t gonna make it all the way to six months with the way things are fitting.


One on one attention, especially from Daddy and M. Hanging out in M’s room playing with toys and being part of the action. Stretching big when he gets out of his swaddle!

Doesn’t Love:

Baths, still (probably because he doesn’t get them very often… #secondchildproblems). Tummy time is a big thorn in all of our sides; he screams immediately and doesn’t like it all, so I think he’s lacking in the head control and arm strength/neck strength he needs to make it less awful. And the only way to get that is through tummy time. Before bed he just screams incessantly for a few minutes before sleeping, so there’s something about that he doesn’t love. And he hates being set down.

Things to Remember:

We drove to Fort Frances and back last week, and he passed his diagnostic hearing test with no issues! We had a fun late night stroll out to Cedar Bay with both kids in the Thule, and we’ve done a bit of walking this past month (I need to do more). His first real vocalizations are something I’d like to snapshot in my brain.

Mom & Dad:

Pretty zen. The new normal involves far less mom and dad time but I know that it’s a season of life that will eventually give way to something else. As for M, she’s also adjusted to having a baby brother really well by now! She likes to ask me to make him “talk” so he asks her questions about the world and I love hearing her answers (“Cereal tastes like it has milk in it, and it’s crunchy, and it tastes like cereal!”).

Looking Forward To:

The additional skills I know are around the corner — laughs, more deliberate playing with toys, more interactivity with M.

Dear A,

Our morning routine is pretty solid these days — you wake up, I release you from the confines of your swaddle, you stretch, and we lay in bed while you nurse. If you’re still awake and it’s before 7 a.m. your dad grabs you and the two of you hang out while he drinks coffee and easts cereal. He’s always reluctant to give you back even though he needs to get on with his day, because he loves the way you stretch out on him and relax completely. If you stay with me, you usually end up falling asleep, head on my belly, snuffling skin to skin. I also love that I can be the place where you feel safe and comfortable.

I especially love how easygoing you are when I take you out and about. You’ve been to a peace rally, a film screening, a few business meetings, restaurants, Daddy’s work… you’re my little sidekick and you make everyone smile wherever we go.

I cherish these moments with you, and all of the other ones throughout the day. You are so loved, and you are definitely the piece that was missing from our family. While we may have less free time, less money, less spontaneity right now — we have far more joy and love and whimsy in our lives with your presence. 

Love always,


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  1. Oh my gosh I love seeing all his fabulous faces- he is so charming! It’s so nice to heard that you all have settled into such a sweet pace. Seeing you go through pregnancy and now life with A has definitely eased my own fears about having a second child. It all seems so huge in theory, but then you realize they were meant to be there all along. Wishing A a wonderful next month!

    1. It’s totally doable! The first three weeks or so – really the first two weeks after we came home – were rough but the overall transition was faster than it was with our first.

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