A at Six Months

… and two days.

Stats: ?! I still don’t know. #momfail His next appointment with the nurse practitioner isn’t for a little while. All I know is that he’s rapidly outgrowing everything.

Nicknames: Still with Abrummy. My dad decided his last name should be “Yellalotski” which is hilarious and apt.

Temperament: Uh. Yellalotski. He usually wakes up cheerful and doesn’t have too many screaming fits but dude gets mad when he’s hungry or tired, and some days he does not want to sleep so he screams all day long. And he screams loud. Matt actually measured it and it topped out at 118 decibels.

Skills: We’re bouncing, attempting to stand (with support), rolling easily, tummy sleeping, feeding ourselves, laughing, and army crawling backwards but not forward. I think a lot of his frustration has to do with not being able to move as much as he’d like. He can sit mostly unsupported but not reliably enough to be left like that. He moved to his crib this month!

Eating: We started in on baby led weaning just before he turned six months old and he’s surprisingly dexterous and surprisingly hungry! He gets mad if he doesn’t get three chances to eat a day just like everyone else, and rage-screams if someone is eating in front of him and not sharing. He ripped pizza out of my hand at the farmer’s market a few weeks ago. So far he hasn’t met anything he doesn’t like. He nurses fairly frequently still, especially at night.

Clothing: So we quit cloth diapering this month — it’s too much upkeep with two kids at home — but even without that bulk, dude is in 9-12 month onesies. His stubby legs are keeping him in smaller sized pants but I cannot do anything with any structure to it, like real jeans or pants. Sweatpants and leggings all the way for this tubby guy.

Loves: M is still the great love of his life thus far. He positively beams around her. He loves to go for walks and has gotten used to the Ergo carrier, thankfully. He loves food of all types. He is quite fascinated with Murphy but can’t catch him yet. So basically the same as last month, with the addition of food.

Doesn’t Love: Existing for more than five seconds without whatever it is that he wants, now. Sleeping without a grownup nearby. Not being able to crawl. Baths (though he had a sink bath today and was fine!).

Things to Remember: These first few weeks with his sister at home, as chaotic as they have been. Those rare late night snuggles without the noise and insanity. First foods. Meeting Poppa. Belly laughs with his sister.

Mom & Dad: The usual — tired, wondering if there’s ever going to be enough time in the day, trying to hold onto each moment knowing that it’ll pass by all too quickly at the same time. We get some family time soon with Matt off work and it’ll be nice to have that concentrated time together.

Looking Forward To: There are some cool local activities this month that the three of us are going to go to, that I’m looking forward to on more of a family basis than just for A. The warm weather is nice and hopefully we’ll be able to get out more as we have been! And of course, our family vacation coming up — the road trip part is going to suck, probably, but the rest should be fun!

Dear A,

Right now you’re screaming your face off while your sister plays firefighter. We’ve been lucky to have Poppa around for the past few days to co-ringmaster this circus, and I think you’re having fun. You’ve gotten your two new teeth into some steak, you’ve been out for daily walks, and we’ve snuck in a tiny bit of extra sleep in the morning instead of having to crack our eyes open when M does, too.

Of course, this is just a little bit of time and soon enough we’ll go back to it being the three of us during the day, and Daddy at night and on the weekend. It’ll be loud and you’ll be left in the exersaucer so I can help your sister and we’ll all have to divvy up our time and our energy. But we’ll be okay. We have fun, even through the loud and the tired and the way that the hours seem to slip away at warp speed.

Last night your Daddy came to me to say he felt lonely and it was weird: you were asleep, M was downstairs with Poppa, I was trying to get a head start on rest. And I understood what he meant. It’s weird when it’s quiet. As much as I cherish the evening hours when it’s (relatively) relaxed, when I have no energy left, I miss you guys when it’s just me. Because I know that eventually you’re going to quit being a screamy baby and your sister is going to quit being a preschooler full of ideas and it’ll all be too quiet.

I love you, Loudest Baby Ever.



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