A at Seven Months

So. This guy actually turns eight months old… next week. BUT I HAVE A GOOD REASON TO BE LATE, hah. We were out of town for the last two weeks, just got home, and I finally unearthed M’s tablet so that I could write this while she’s occupied. I’m going to try my best to write it based on seven months, not what’s currently happening with A (because he’s changed a lot in one month!).


Just over 20 lbs. at his appointment before we left town! His head is 18″.


Abrummy, “A”-bear, and M calls him Little Guy. Oh, and M and I sing “A” Beluga to him instead of Baby Beluga.


Dude had a lot of teeth on the go this month (two came in on the bottom, and then we discovered he had four more coming through on the top) so he was pretty angry, to be honest. As usual, the best temperament was in the mornings, right after he woke up. Sleep must be restorative to his patience, I think, because he’s chipper when the sun comes up!


At this point he could sit up without falling, most of the time, but could not get into that position on his own. He was still mostly laying on his stomach instead of trying to move his body while on the floor/bed, but would scootch backwards, mostly by accident. His manual dexterity improved for feeding himself, and started babbling a bit.


Handling most foods well — he didn’t really like eggs when he tried them, but he discovered a passion for plums. Also, upon being introduced to Baby Mum Mum rice rusks (because I needed something to tide over his immediate frustration at being sat down without food and these are easy), he quickly became obsessed with them and can recognize the package. He was eating using a little booster chair with a tray on top on top of the table, but his chubby legs and animated eating style made that awkward so I bought a new high chair and mealtimes became much easier! Still nursing fairly frequently at this time, too.


Into the summer stuff, which is cute! Little baby shorts and sun hats are adorable. The 6-9 month and 6-12 month clothing fits best.


When a cat walks by, especially if it gets in grabbing distance. Mum Mums. The exersaucer because it involves standing up. Plums! Socializing, particularly with other babies.

Doesn’t Love:

Getting his face wiped, the end of mealtime, the five minutes between breakfast and being nursed down for his morning nap, any time his sitting skills failed and he fell down.

Things to Remember:

His first plate of spaghetti (all the sauce, everywhere), the first few beach visits he had, how thoroughly he loved the traditional food event at the hospital for National Aboriginal Day, relaxing on the front lawn all together.


Mom & Dad:

Me, a bit overwhelmed as usual, and busy with packing and prepping for our trip. Matt was pretty busy at work this month so it was another one that flew past, both in and out of home.

Looking Forward To:

At this point we were looking forward to our big trip to see family! A turned seven months old on the road, but there was still a lot of travelling to do and people he was going to finally meet, which was nice to have upcoming. That was really the big thing on the horizon between six and seven months.

Dear A,

Trying to look back at when you turned seven months old is a challenge, because you change so quickly and you are already an entirely different baby! That month is a bit lost, in a blur of time with Poppa and M, getting ready to travel, and working to figure out how to balance everyone and everything.

In all honesty, though, I’d rather look back than forward — when I think about how much time has gone by in your life already, and how much you aren’t a little baby anymore, and how soon I will have to go back to work and not have my days with you, I get that chest tightening anxious feeling. I went through this with your sister, and I know that we will survive it, and I don’t want to preemptively miss you, but I enjoy you so much and it’s hard to fathom how different it’ll all look, soon enough.

I appreciate and love every day with you, and watching you grow and change is a privilege.



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  1. That spaghetti-face photo is adorable! Can’t wait to see/hear how your vacation went. We just got back from a trip with our 3 year old and 12 month old and I’m exhausted!

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