A at Nine Months

Wow this month flew. I blinked, and it’s almost September. The weather is turning, the leaves are falling (although that may have to do with the utter lack of rain through August), and A is babbling with purpose, almost crawling with his hands AND knees, and pulling up on everything!


Hi, bad mama here still doesn’t know. We have a nurse practitioner appointment this month though, so maybe I’ll know what he weighs and measures… next month. 😉


Nothing new — A-bum (what he calls himself), Abrummy, A-boom. None of which I would call him in real life outside of home!


He started this month as a pretty grumpy guy, but has cheered up for the most part as we’ve rounded the tail end of August. He’s happiest in the morning still, and when people are actively slathering him with attention! He gets quite offended, for example, if the gate between the living room and kitchen is closed. He wants to be part of everything.


Getting closer to actually crawling — he’ll go a few paces on hands and knees now, before dropping to his belly for the army crawl. He’s pulling up on a lot of things but doesn’t quite trust himself to stand up fully, for the most part. He’s got great manual dexterity, is super fast at moving around, and loves to ‘play’ instruments like the bongo drum and xylophone, and using shakers/maracas. He also loves to dance! He’s making lots of noise, and saying more syllables (his favourite is a loudly pronounced “BA!”).


Everything. Dude likes to eat. He can put away a shocking amount of food! We’ve been shying away from bread/grain based foods and trying to ply him with fruits and veggies to help with digestion, and at our nurse practitioner’s suggestion we’ve been heavy on pears, apples and prunes lately. He LOVES berries, pears, and prunes!


Not very well — so nothing new, really. Except naps have gotten worse and he doesn’t go down very easily at night anymore. One day he’ll sleep. Until then, I won’t.


Pushing the limits of the nine month-sized clothing, though he didn’t outgrow them before his age did, this time around. He’s comfortably in 9-12 month clothes and has a good stock of 12-18 month waiting! I actually put him in a Joe Fresh one-year-old sized tank a few days ago and it fit perfectly. He’s got lots of comfy sweatpants and leggings for fall (I still can’t stuff him into jeans successfully) and whole rack of adorable plaid shirts. <3


Any kind of attention or social interaction, especially with his sister and his dad! He likes being outside, going for walks, eating, and bath time (unless he’s tired). Still trying to catch those cats. He loves playing with all kinds of toys, listening to music, and making music of his own.

Doesn’t Love:

The car seat if he’s tired, when the food on his tray is NOT the food he wants, diaper changes if he’s expecting literally anything else to happen.

Things to Remember:

We started this month off with some local town festival fun — A was mostly too young to really understand a lot of the events (though it was a great week for M!) but he had fun being towed around in the Thule, and especially the grand finale street dance which we closed out with him stroller-dancing with glee. We also travelled to a wedding this month, where we all got to see family and A didn’t set foot on the ground for a good eight hours because everyone wanted to hold onto him! We hosted my dad and our niece, too, and it’s always nice to have family around to see him as he gets older. That also included a great day at the fair with his Auntie and Uncle!

Mom and Dad:

I’m feeling a bit rejuvenated in a way — I feel less anxious about the next few months, and am enjoying those incoming autumn/back to school vibes that make me want to get stuff done. I think Matt is still feeling slammed for time, but in a general household sense it’s less daunting. I would still like to sleep, though…

Looking Forward To:

What the next few months hold! M is off to school next week so it’ll be just A and I, and he’s not quite old enough for a lot of the structured activities, and it doesn’t make sense to go to them without M (like story time — is a nine month old gonna get anything out of that? I’m not sure.). So, we’ll be finding a new routine again, which sounds refreshing to me!

Dear A,

Summer is quickly fading to fall — that was it, your first summer! It went by quickly and I don’t know if we adventured enough, but I suppose it’s all about quality, not quantity. You’ve splashed in lakes and pools, snacked on all kinds of ice cream and fruit and grass you pulled from the ground, made your voice heard across the province and grown faster than the weeds in our neglected garden.

What will our next season hold? I’m not sure. You’re getting bigger and stronger and I think you’re going to stand up and walk one of these days. One thing I know for sure is that you’re going to go back to being my sole sidekick, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and I’m excited to see what we can get up to. You and your sister are going to miss one another, maybe, but that means a greater emphasis on weekend family fun, which I think we’ll all enjoy.

It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to see you learn and explore every day — so let’s keep going!



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