A at Five Months

I’m already days behind on this — things went into hyperdrive with two kids at home! Sorry, A: chalk it up to #secondchildproblems.


I have noooo idea. Big.


M calls him ‘Abrummy’ which is kind of adorable. Mr. Smiley is a new one, when he’s being smiley.


Whatever feelings he has, he feels them with gusto. He is not shy about telling us what those feelings are, via happy gummy grins or pterodactyl screams. He loves his sister and will almost always cheer up from whatever mood he’s in, if she sticks her face in his face and engages with him.


An explosion in the last week! He started rolling back to tummy and won’t stop (even when he lands on his face and cries, 48 times a day). He has changed from baby coos to the aforementioned pterodactyl screams, and does this weirdly hilarious Hulk Baby thing where he hyperventilates for 10 seconds then kicks his legs out with surprising force. He’s working on sitting up better (with support still), brings everything to his mouth, and responds to his name.


Total crapshoot, but mostly not awesome. He’s usually in bed between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. depending on how the day went. From there he’s typically up around midnight, 2 a.m., 4 a.m., 6 a.m., and onward. A few times in the past week he’s stretched out that first chunk to skip the midnight wakeup which has been nice! Naptime is happening but only on me. But M is home¬†from school now, so we’ll see how everyone adjusts.


Still nursing fairly frequently, and still very very eager to join the rest of the family on solid foods! He watches us eat so intensely, and chomps down on whatever toy he’s holding in his chair.


Basically completely out of 3-6 month clothing and into 6-9 month or 6-12! Some of the pants are big around the waist, and they nearly all have to be rolled up at the legs, but the onesies fit. Our little stubby leg baby. ūüėČ


He really does love his sister. He also loves new people and places in general — he’s not often fussy in public because he’s excited to see different things! He’s quite interested in the cats but of course they run from him. He loves loves loves to stand up, again with support from an adult.

Doesn’t Love

Sun on his face, the time it takes for me to reswaddle him when he busts out at night, landing on his face when he rolls over, his current inability to transport himself under his own power.

Things to Remember

This last week of skill explosions has been fun! It’s fun to see his abilities all come together at once. I love seeing him and his sister together too and hope I always remember those smiling interactions. It’s lovely to see M with her long-awaited sibling.

Mom & Dad

Tired, always. Still striving to find balance with two kids and a house and jobs and all of that, but hey, it’s a lifelong effort, I think.

Looking Forward To:

Summer adventures! I’m also curious to see how things work out with M at home — I foresee less sleep, but A enjoys her presence so much that it may be enriching overall. It will also mean we venture¬†out more, and I think everyone will benefit from that. And, just getting outside in general. Winter weather came back to us last week, and it made me miss that brief period of spring we had even more!

Dear A,

Your status as sidekick/trooper has continued, especially now that you’re being toted around alongside your big sister. You’re not used to¬†having to wait, and that’s something that you’re frequently doing now that I have two kids to tend to during the day. You scream, quite loudly, but you’re always ready with a smile as soon as M arrives to help out. And even though you don’t get to nap much during the day, until we get this whole thing sorted out, you’re pretty chipper so long as someone’s with you.

I can see that we are all going to have a busy spring and summer, and it’s right on time — you’re really getting interested in the world around¬†you, and it’s a delight to see it through your eyes, and¬†your sister’s. I get the feeling that we’re all going to be doing a lot of learning and playing over the next few months, and I’m¬†excited. I’m also nervous, because time flies when you’re having fun, and I don’t want to miss any moments with you!



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