A at Eight Months


I’m not sure of the exact numbers, but he’s still (barely) fitting in his infant seat!


A-bum (that’s what he kind of calls himself), Abrummy, A-boom-boom; M still calls him ‘little guy’ and also ‘boy’ which is a little bizarre.


He’s been a bit more cheerful over the last month — seeing a lot of people and doing a lot of things makes him happy, and he also finally got those pesky teeth out of the way for now. That being said, for the first week after we got home from vacation he was non-stop screaming, and he’s spent several afternoons generally losing his mind, so he’s still all over the place emotionally.


So many! He started sitting himself up on vacation, which turned into army crawling fairly quickly. He’s still just dragging himself around at high speed, rather than using his legs to really crawl, but dude is definitely on the move. He’s also pulling up on stuff, and we had to put his crib down to the lowest level because I found him standing in there hanging onto the edge. He’s into everything and anything!

He also started babbling in earnest this month, and seems to respond to/say some words — namely, his own name (“Abum”), mama (“mumma mumma mummaaaaaa”), boobie (“ba ba boo boo ba ba” etc.). He also does this “wub wub wub” thing when he’s excited.


Lots! He put away an adult sized portion of crepes recently, loved mashed cauliflower, is super into avocado and bacon and berries. He’s nursing still, a few times a night and a few times during the day.


Eh. When we went on vacation he slept hard through the night for the first week or so, but we were cosleeping. Then it started to turn into waking up once or twice, and though he easily moved back to the crib when we came home, it’s harder to get him to nap (two or three times a day) and he wakes up several times through the night.


Somehow there were still six month sized things in the closet which I discovered with much hilarity when I tried to cram him into things. He’s into 6-12, 9-12 month clothing, and basically lives in shorts and t-shirts and onesies because it’s way too hot here for all of the cute little plaid shirts I got him.


Trying to get cords, shoes, and other off-limits things into his mouth, grabbing M’s hair, playing with her toys on the playmat in the living room (especially dumping blocks and chewing Barbie hands). Eating, swimming, and exploring the world around him.

Doesn’t Love:

Not being immediately picked up at night, getting buckled into any kind of baby transport device, when toys/objects are taken away from him.

Things to Remember:

Our vacation of course! He got to try, see, and explore a lot of things, meet a few grandparents for the first time along with other family members, and learn how to handle his car seat for longer periods of time. He also went swimming for the first time, in pools and in lakes, this month, and he loves it. Our first family bike ride was fun, and he did well in the Thule being towed behind Matt. Hearing mamamamama was something I’d like to remember, too!

Mom & Dad:

The usual — tired, happy, amazed at how quickly it’s all going. I’m sad that summer is almost over!

Looking Forward To:

Honestly? Not much, hah! I like this stage, and this time of year, and the way things are. As summer fades away, A will get older, M will be in school, childcare (or our lack thereof) is weighing on me and my maternity leave ending makes me sad. I wish I could freeze time for a bit!

Dear A,

It’s been so fun having this last month with you — we had a lot of dedicated family time, with you and me and M and your daddy, and I really enjoyed all that we did together. Your zest for life shone through all month, whether you were splashing in a pool, shoving fistfuls of sand into your mouth, learning how to lick ice cream all too well for an eight month old, or finding your voice and letting us hear it in its full glory.

Seeing you grow and change is thrilling, as much as I’d like to slow it down. It’s fun to imagine what you’ll be like as a one year old, a teenager, an adult. Whatever you choose to be, I think you’ll be a good one, if you put all of that intensity you possess into it. I’m glad I get to watch it happen, now and in the future.



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