A at 11 Months

A turned 11 months old yesterday!


As usual, I’m not sure. He weighed in at 10 kg (22 lbs) when I had to take him to emerg for strep and a double ear infection, and that was earlier this month, so he has to be more than that now!


Abrummy, mostly. Even M has started with that.


We’ve been battling illness for most of the month — the previously mentioned strep and ear infections, and now a brutal cold. So he’s been grumpy. He’s happy when he’s out and about and doing things with people, but when it’s just him and me, he lets his grouchy baby out. He is also seeming frustrated with things; I think he’s just old enough that he knows exactly what he wants but still can’t quite get at it, especially when it’s something someone is eating, or a closed door.


He’s still cruising versus standing without support, and I would be surprised if he jumped that far ahead before his first birthday, but who knows! He started clapping this month, and will wave bye-bye (which looks more like slapping me in the chest, but whatever). He yells “ADDA” for Matt every morning, and we discovered at our AirBnB rental last weekend that he can climb stairs.


He loves pickles and oranges. He has the hang of straws now, so he’s been drinking water, and particularly enjoyed a Booster Juice smoothie in Winnipeg. We haven’t really committed to giving him cow’s milk yet. He’s still nursing but he can handle much longer periods of time without breastmilk, which is good because he never really took a bottle.


Nope. And now his daytime sleep has turned sour, too. I am very tired.


The same things he was wearing last month, with the addition of snowsuits now that there’s a foot of snow on the ground! I just ordered him his first winter boots and he’s going to have to get over his hatred of shoes.


Shoes. He knocked over the shoe rack in the AirBnB trying to get at them all! He is still very social and loves new people and places. He likes to get into things — his sister’s room, the snack cabinet, underneath tables and behind chairs. He makes music with all of his instruments, loves to dance, loves YouTube videos of OK Go, and has recently taken to smashing M’s toy kitchen pots and pans together to make his own beat.

Doesn’t Love:

Crawling through snow, though he was pretty happy to sit in it! Diaper changes, getting his constantly booger-y face wiped, having to sleep.

Things to Remember:

We had a fun trip to Winnipeg with the four of us, M’s “very best friend” and her mom, and A had a blast just hanging out at the AirBnB with Matt! He did fantastically in the car seat, too, even when we split up for the ride back and he was solo with Matt. We didn’t have to stop to feed him which was a welcome change.

How happy he is when he hears the FaceTime sound on our phones. He knows he’s going to see someone he likes!

Mom and Dad:

I am super sick too, and struggling with being so tired all of the time, but I’m still enjoying my time with him, of course! The days feel like they fly by and I can’t believe he’s almost a year old. Matt is able to take on more of an active role with him, now that he’s not so reliant on breastmilk, and I think that’s been nice for the two of them.

Looking Forward To:

Halloween tonight! He’s going to be a baby unicorn and M is insisting that he will collect candy, too. We’re making birthday preparations, too, and celebrating his (and M’s) a bit early as a joint party. My dad is visiting soon and it will be good to get more family together. And… maybe… sleep? At some point?

Dear A,

I just put you down for a nap and it was a struggle at first — you flipped and flopped in my arms and couldn’t decide what you wanted. I knew you were tired, but unlike your sister before you, I wield no magical nursing powers to force you to sleep. You can resist it, where she couldn’t. I remembered that last night, your dad sang to you after I fed you and you were out within minutes, so I creaked out a few terrible off-key songs with my germ-ravaged, congested voice, and watched as you blinked slower and slower until your lashes touched your cheeks and your mouth fell open.

That’s love, right there — mama’s horrible songs make you feel safe and relaxed enough to sleep. One day you’ll be telling me not to sing in the car, I’m sure, but for now, it’s exactly what you needed. I want to eat up every single one of these moments. I hope we can always lean on one another for what we need, especially for love.



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