A at 10 Months

A was 10 months old September 30! I didn’t post then because the boy in question has been battling a fever for two-three days now. He’s sitting beside me happily munching on pears so, thanks, ibuprofen. Hopefully we’re all good again soon!


He was 21 pounds at the clinic last week! I did not pay attention to any of the other measurements. #secondchildproblems He has at least eight teeth, four on the top and four on the bottom, and may be growing more but nobody wants to stick their finger in his very bitey mouth to confirm it.


M calling him ‘boy’ has transferred to Matt calling him ‘boyo.’ Aside from that he’s got some variations of his name happening — Abrummy, A-bums, A-boom.


SO MUCH HAPPIER. My goodness. He can move around fairly freely now, and his stomach has adjusted to solids, so he’s less angry in general. Now he’s a smirking baby instead of a screaming baby. When he gets mad he still can shout at top volume, but instead of that happening all the time, it’s reserved for situations like falling over, not being allowed in the kitchen, or not being picked up immediately after waking up.


He started crawling fully with hands and knees (vs. army crawling), then started pulling himself up confidently. Now he cruises more than anything. He will stand holding onto something lightly with one hand, but hasn’t attempted to stand without support yet. He likes to dance, is signing ‘more’ (though it may just mean ‘food’ to him at this point), and says a few consistent words: mama, baba, num num.


Still a wide variety of food! There’s not much, if anything, that he doesn’t enjoy. He is starting to have preferences, though — if there are a few things available to him, he has his favourites. He also doesn’t like it if other people are eating something different than what he is eating, and he wants to use a fork or spoon if he sees others doing it. Now that M comes home  from school and has a snack, he also expects an afternoon snack and will get quite mad if it doesn’t appear! Sometimes she shares hers, which is pretty cute to see.


I long for the day when I get to sleep again! Between teeth and illness, his already poor sleep is even more poor. Twice in the past two-ish weeks, he’s kept me up ’till 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. which has been… not fun. He consistently naps in the morning, but the afternoon nap is cut short by having to grab M from school, and then nighttime is very, very hit and miss. Add in M’s apparent lack of need for sleep, and I find myself wondering what I did in a past life to get kids who don’t sleep! 😉


He’s in some 12-to-18-month clothing and the 6-12s and 9-12s are just about maxed out. I saw the weight limit on one 6-12 piece was 22 lbs. so that makes sense! I just washed a load of his next size up and dude definitely has a lot of plaid shirts for fall. I’m getting him used to socks but he still hates shoes and hats, so things could get interesting when winter arrives.


His sister, music, a tug-along snail toy and baby glowworm hand-me-down from M, chasing the cats, major splashing in the tub, opening and closing doors and drawers, visiting new places and seeing new people, scavenging for food everywhere.

Doesn’t Love:

Having to lay back for any reason, especially diaper changes — we are firmly in the wiggle phase here. Having his noise cleaned, getting kicked out of rooms via baby gate, being put into the car seat if he’s tired.

Things to Remember:

Over the Labour Day long weekend we had Matt’s brother, his wife, and their daughter (four days younger than A!) at our house, which was a blast, especially seeing the babies play.

He had his first mini-daycare experience; I took him to a mom’s group where they have childcare for babies over six months old for the hour-long meeting, and I wasn’t sure how he’d do, but he happily played and the caregivers later told me that he was super cheerful, wanted to keep up with all the big kids, and REALLY wanted to eat the snack. Seeing him connect the ‘more’ sign was neat, and it didn’t take that long to teach him!

Mom and Dad:

Trying to slow things down and relax our pace, for everyone. It’s a lot of haste and hurrying with M needing to get to and from school, and extracurriculars, and appointments and plans (you should have seen our September calendar!) so we are aiming to focus on positive interactions, working at our kids’ pace where we can, and not being busy for the sake of busy.

Looking Forward To:

This illness being over, for one. We have family photos coming up this month, which will be nice — we have no formal photos with A outside of my belly! And of course, Halloween. M chose our family theme again and kids in Halloween gear are always adorable, especially babies and their first costumes.

Dear A,

Before my eyes your babyhood is falling away, and the little boy version of you emerges more and more each day. I suppose we don’t really realize when the last baby moment is until it’s gone. I don’t want to keep you as a teeny baby, of course, and I love seeing this almost-toddler personality develop, but even though I’ve been through this before I’m still amazed at how fast it happens.

A few days ago I scrolled through photos from your birthday up until now and marveled at how much you’ve grown; how your entire body used to fit in my arms with room to spare, how your tiny eyes were swallowed up by your chubby baby face. I ached a little bit for those days of just sitting with you for half the day, while you snoozed and ate and snoozed and ate. But these days you make me laugh with your antics, and you astonish with your abilities and the way you keep discovering new things. I like seeing the world through your eyes.

You are a delight, always.



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