2016 Holiday Wishlist – New Mom Edition

Am I still a ‘new mom’ if I already have a kid? I don’t know how that works. But when Christmas 2016 rolls around I’ll likely have a newborn in my care, so I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about what it is that I’d like to find under the tree. Matt asked me, a few days ago, and I drew a blank. I think I’m already one of those ‘people who have everything’ people and really I just want to be gifted sleep. 😉

But, a wishlist is always fun to make. Going clockwise from the top…

2016 wishlist


This bee brooch is awesome because a) I love bees and b) one of my fellow Weddingbee writers created it!

The 52 Lists Project journal has intrigued me for awhile now. What better time to start an activity that inspires, than with a new baby, and a new year on the horizon? There’s also the 52 Lists for Happiness journal.

Next up… wine. I don’t care what kind. I miss wine.

The #OOTD Flat Lay colouring book looks awesome. I have a huge pile of colouring books I have yet to crack but maybe maternity leave will offer some time?

A birthstone necklace would also be a great gift for a new mom. This one has the added initials, too, which I think is extra-special.

Sentimental art is a good gift. For me, I’ve been wearing a hamsa necklace since Matt gave one to me last Christmas and this watercolour is a beautiful representation of the same symbol.


And finally, a big box of bubble bars from Lush. To enjoy with the previously mentioned wine and chocolate. Merry Christmas.

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