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I am Mom

I asked for affirmation this Mother’s Day. That and whatever surprise breakfast M is not so sneakily envisioning. I don’t want flowers or a necklace or a bottle of wine or anything I can physically hold — I just want to know that I’m doing okay.

(I know I’m getting something else too — M climbed up onto my lap and muttered through her hand over her mouth, “I’m NOT telling you that we bought you jewelry.”)

Being at home with two kids is rewarding. More rewarding than I thought it could be. It’s also totally,

A at Five Months

I’m already days behind on this — things went into hyperdrive with two kids at home! Sorry, A: chalk it up to #secondchildproblems.


I have noooo idea. Big.


M calls him ‘Abrummy’ which is kind of adorable. Mr. Smiley is a new one, when he’s being smiley.


Whatever feelings he has, he feels them with gusto. He is not shy about telling us what those feelings are, via happy gummy grins or pterodactyl screams. He loves his sister and will almost always cheer up from whatever mood he’s in,

M, the Three-Year-Old

It’s been a long time without writing! I’m not getting much sleep these days (nights?) and nap time is elusive, too. Gotta love that month-long sleep shift for babies, right? But I have a few minutes, and I wanted to share an update about M, because she’s at a really delightful age and doing all kinds of amazing things.

She completed her first season of skating about two weeks ago, culminating with an ice show. I was honestly unsure if she woulda actually make it out onto the ice, because her love for skating has run hot and cold since she started last fall,

A at Four Months


We did a quick measurement estimate at home because I’m actually worried this kid is gonna grow out of his car seat soon! We figure he’s around 17 lbs. and about 24 inches long.


Nothing new!


He had a super grumpy stretch for awhile, there. He’s more cheerful lately, but will protest loudly and immediately if he wants attention and the person giving it to him dares look away even momentarily. Dude holds a grudge. He’s usually happiest first thing in the morning and often wakes up with a smile.

Enjoying the Kitchen Again

During my rough year pre-baby, I ate a lot of comfort food and was too tired and down to really get into cooking. When I was pregnant with A, nausea took over, followed by exhaustion, and I still didn’t cook a lot. And then, in the early months with him, it was impossible to try to cook anything beyond a simple meal, and I gravitated to eating pre-made, packaged, processed things that were fast and easy.

In the last few weeks we’ve been making concerted efforts to eat better, all around, for everyone in the family.