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A at Eight Months


I’m not sure of the exact numbers, but he’s still (barely) fitting in his infant seat!


A-bum (that’s what he kind of calls himself), Abrummy, A-boom-boom; M still calls him ‘little guy’ and also ‘boy’ which is a little bizarre.


He’s been a bit more cheerful over the last month — seeing a lot of people and doing a lot of things makes him happy, and he also finally got those pesky teeth out of the way for now.

A at Seven Months

So. This guy actually turns eight months old… next week. BUT I HAVE A GOOD REASON TO BE LATE, hah. We were out of town for the last two weeks, just got home, and I finally unearthed M’s tablet so that I could write this while she’s occupied. I’m going to try my best to write it based on seven months, not what’s currently happening with A (because he’s changed a lot in one month!).


Just over 20 lbs. at his appointment before we left town! His head is 18″.



A at Six Months

… and two days.

Stats: ?! I still don’t know. #momfail His next appointment with the nurse practitioner isn’t for a little while. All I know is that he’s rapidly outgrowing everything.

Nicknames: Still with Abrummy. My dad decided his last name should be “Yellalotski” which is hilarious and apt.

Temperament: Uh. Yellalotski. He usually wakes up cheerful and doesn’t have too many screaming fits but dude gets mad when he’s hungry or tired, and some days he does not want to sleep so he screams all day long.

I am Mom

I asked for affirmation this Mother’s Day. That and whatever surprise breakfast M is not so sneakily envisioning. I don’t want flowers or a necklace or a bottle of wine or anything I can physically hold — I just want to know that I’m doing okay.

(I know I’m getting something else too — M climbed up onto my lap and muttered through her hand over her mouth, “I’m NOT telling you that we bought you jewelry.”)

Being at home with two kids is rewarding. More rewarding than I thought it could be. It’s also totally,

A at Five Months

I’m already days behind on this — things went into hyperdrive with two kids at home! Sorry, A: chalk it up to #secondchildproblems.


I have noooo idea. Big.


M calls him ‘Abrummy’ which is kind of adorable. Mr. Smiley is a new one, when he’s being smiley.


Whatever feelings he has, he feels them with gusto. He is not shy about telling us what those feelings are, via happy gummy grins or pterodactyl screams. He loves his sister and will almost always cheer up from whatever mood he’s in,